About The Old Frontier Clothing Co.

The Old Frontier Clothing Co. was formed in December of 1989. The founder, Larry Bitterman, had become disenchanted with his chosen profession of Law and was looking for a new opportunity that would be creative, exciting, and also incorporate his newfound passion for horses and the western lifestyle. As law was becoming increasingly unfulfilling, he found himself spending more and more time at a friend’s ranch in the high desert, just outside the city of Lancaster, CA. Eventually, when an adjoining 25-acre parcel became available he bought his own spread. It was there he decided to do something related to western fashion, as he was finding out that the current offerings simply lacked the style and quality of the better fashions he was used to wearing, when not dressed “western”. He questioned why those designing western wear (if there actually were designers of western wear), were intent upon using polyester and why western fashions had not evolved at all (as other fashions had) over the last 60 years. Having worked in the fashion business, while in college, never imaging it would later play a part in a career he hadn’t contemplated, he set about the task of learning the garment industry. He had decided to focus on the romantic, as well as more historically accurate designs of the Victorian era (what they actually wore in the “Old West”), and since there were relatively few suppliers of such goods, it was going to be up to Old Frontier to not only design the clothing, but to manufacture it, as well. After a lot of hard work, knocking on doors, trial and error, and enlisting some very good help, The Old Frontier Clothing Co. continues today to innovate and offer some of the highest quality fashions available, having helped reinvent what people previously thought of as “Western Wear”.

Larry Bitterman photo

Larry Bitterman
Designer and Company President