Silk GOing To Town Bow Tie

Shown with Leather & Horsehair Stampede String and Trail Boss Hat.

Silk Goin' To Town Bow Tie

A Victorian Tie (even though tied in a bow, the term "bow tie" didn't evolve until later) was a fuller piece of silk, of varying length, that was tied around one's neck in the same manner shoe laces were tied. This reflects what we wanted our tie to be and not the skinnier "string ties" that showed up much later in the T.V. and spaghetti westerns (not to mention the dreaded "clip on").

100% Crepe du Chine Silk
One Size Fits All

Price: $25


Goin' To Town Bow Tie

100% Silk

Black Bow Tie

Black Bow Tie on Tuxedo Shirt